Courses provided by Mornington Peninsula Network Members

There are a variety of courses on offer across the Mornington Peninsula and we would like to showcase the “Introduction to Computers” to you and encourage you to enrol for classes starting in a centre near you!

Download the current course brochure (PDF).

Of course if the day and time are not suitable we will recommend another centre that will suit your time and learning needs.

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Computer Training

All the Learn Local centres on the Mornington Peninsula offer computer training for absolute beginners including the “Introduction to Computers" program.

Programs for intermediate and advanced learners are also offered and include classes such as MS Publisher, MS Excel


New classes in Apple include: iPad for beginners and Mac training.

Basic courses that will assist your small business or refresh you to return to work are offered including MYOB and online learning.

Computers are available at the centre, all with up to date software and in some cases you are able to bring along your lap top and learn at your own pace.

Introduction to Computers

Introduction to Computers 
This course is for absolute beginners. Use it for developing skills for work, for study and research, and for keeping in touch with family and friends. It provides basic knowledge to enable learners to use a computer or laptop.

You will be guided through the course which covers:
  • Windows 
    • Become familiar with computer language,
    • the operating system, parts of a computer,
    • getting know your way around the computer,
    • file management (creating, naming and retrieving)
    • and anti-virus precautions;
  • MS Office Word
    • Create, open, close, name documents,
    • basic features including editing and formatting,
    • and tables;
  • Internet and email
    • Connecting to the internet,
    • browsers,
    • web links,
    • webmail,
    • email: sending and receiving emails and internet etiquette. 
Course Type
Foundation to Intermediate 

Please contact a Learn Local centre in your area for details.